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And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

~Rev. 12:11~



Apostle Jules DeJesus







" I came to church with an acute pain in my lower back and spine. I could hardly walk or bend over. As praise and worship was going on, the Apostle called out and prayed for me. I felt the fire of the Holy Ghost all over my body and now I can bend over and touch my knees. I do not have the pain any more. Thank you Lord!"  


“ I was a confused bunch, suffered depression etc, in fact I had lost all hope in life. I bless the lord Jesus who caused my path to cross Apostle Caroline Vando’s. Through her prayers, instructions and encouragement, I have found my path and reason to live again. I also got baptized in the Holy Ghost and now I enjoy my walk with the Lord. Jesus  you are awesome, there is none like you.”


“I saw the power of God upon my sister very heavily and I desired it so much. I cried out to the Lord to open me up more and fill me with his power. The woman of God picked me out and prayed for me to be filled and be imparted with the power of God. I received the power of God and when I got home, I was able to wage a good spiritual warfare against the enemy. I did this with courage and boldness. Thank you Jesus!”



“ When I came to the church, I felt bothered when I was being told to call on the name of Jesus. But when I let go of myself, I learnt to call on Him and now each time I do, I feel very different and I also enjoy calling on the Lord. There was a pain sitting on my back and was hurting real bad. I was also feeling some heaviness. But, after the woman of God prayed for me, the pain disappeared instantly. Now I feel very light as is a burden was lifted off me. Jesus is Lord!”


I had an attack and was dying. The emergency squad (911) was called and I was taken to the hospital. My blood pressure kept increasing while my temperature was dropping. For three hours in the emergency room, I was not able to see the doctor in spite of my condition. While waiting for the doctor, tests were conducted but all came negative. At a point, I excreted and could hardly breathe. Then I remembered the Pastor and struggled to tell my sister to call the pastor. At 3.00am, we called the Pastor, Dr. Caroline Vando. At one ring, she picked up her phone and started praying for me as my sister placed the phone in my ears. After a while I started breathing again and came back to life. The following day, I was discharged from the hospital. He who says Jesus is not God is a liar. Praise the Lord!


"I was feeling pains around my waistline and in my stomach. I was finding it difficult to bend down or sit up straight.  At the same time, I was studying for an examination.  Each time I opened my books to read, I will start feeling very uncomfortable and unable to study.  The woman of God, Apostle Caroline Vando, called me on my telephone and prayed for me.  The pains disappeared instantly.  I was able to bend and do what I could not do; and I was able to continue studying with no uncomfortable feelings anywhere in my body.  I give God all the glory for His wonderous works and for delivering me out of the plans of the enemy. Thank you Jesus!!!"


"At the beginning of service, I was feeling very weak, had a headache, and was dizzy.  The Lord used Apostle Caroline Vando to touch me.  Immediately after, the headache was gone and I wasn't dizzy anymore, nor weak.  I give all the praise to the Almighty King!"



"For more than 6 months, I had been having pain in my head, neck, and back.  I took Advil several times.  On July 10, 2008, I came to Living Water Ministries, and Apostle Caroline Vando prayed for me.  From that moment, the pain disappeared and the Holy Spirit came upon me and I was baptized in Him with evidence of speaking in tongues."






"I want to thank God for making it possible for my son to graduate high school and enroll in college."



"As I was being prayed for speaking in the spirit, I felt my legs grow heavy.  I was able to speak a few words (baby steps) which I have not sincerely been able to do before."